Crowd Pleasers

Hey, just looking for some more crowd pleasing tricks to learn. Like Boingy Boingy, Eli Hops, Revolutions, Gryoscopic flop. Those ones that normal people find aesthetically pleasing. I’d appreciate it if you could list some more or link a vid of others if they’re nameless.

Spirit bomb is a good one. And they really love triple laceration and iron whips. Black hops is another good one. What I find is that the crowd likes tricks they can follow. I get a lot of people saying they can’t follow what I’m doing which I thought would be more impressive, but it seems like they really like the ones that they can see what going on.

i also prefer the easy to follow ones… if im watching someone and they start goind super fast… i just lose interest totally… i prefer style or flare

Ripcord, Knot Clap, any picture tricks

Triple Tower I think would be a good one, yeah, and like any picture trick.

Out of all the tricks that I show people they always love grinds the most, especially thumb grinds.

make sure you get a few master ones in there to showcase your skill, but i agree, put some easy ones in there. when it is fast, you lose interest. also, make sure you do walk the dog and around the world. everyone loves those.

I think as yoyoers we can appreciate the harder tricks but I get more "wows " at the matrix than I do say superman

Any whip or slack, or eli hops. boing e boings, boomerangs…

Although it kinda makes me feel bad when I just got this insanely hard trick, and I’m telling someone about it, and they’re like… yeah, but can you walk the dog??? >:(

Search talent show tricks or something like that. There is a lot of good information in some of those topics.

Leg wrap trap and other body tricks impress people alott

If possible, try working on 5A too. :wink:

i would do your tricks 1A but holding the CW the whole time and then last trick do a couple 5A

How do you do knot clap

When your going to end doing the tricks try doing that thing that you take off the split knot and throw the yoyo into the air and catch it. 2a and 5 tricks are also good.

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eh, dont do that… especially if you have a metal…

That’s why we have mobius. :wink: