What Tricks Really Please the Crowd?

I’ve been trying to find 1a tricks that - disregarding difficulty - look the most amazing/impressive
An example would be Red Halo:

The reason I’d like to hear from you guys and learn more of these tricks is because a lot of complicated 1a string tricks all look the same to spectators.
Post a trick!

EDIT: Do not associate the yoyoer in the video with me because I am not him and he is not me… but I do wish I was as good as him.

Eli hops, revolutions, gyro flops, kwijibo, boing-e-boing, matrix, arm grinds, thumb grinds, slacks/whips, GTs, picture tricks, black hops, body tricks (ex: leg wrap trap), suicide(s), and stuff you make up ;D.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Hope this helped.


also repeater tricks are super cool

Yeah, when i was yoyoing at school i did an arm grind and all of the guys that saw said to do it again.

Full arm grind, extreme eli hops, body involved tricks.

Mach 5

all my friends love the matrix and eli hops.

Leg wraps always get people I know excited. Or anything behind your back, If you can jump over a trick or make it circular then keep it as your special move :3