Stage tricks anyone

Hey everyone, just wondering if you know any good tricks that are really impressive. I’m doing a show at my school and I just wanted some tricks that people who are not that familiar with yoyoing will be impressed by


Leg wrap trap and other body tricks are guaranteed to get a crowd reaction.

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What are other body tricks?

Eli Hops, a real crowd pleaser. Also, Boing-E- Boing, and horizontal and behind the back tricks are good. For body involved tricks, you could do the Ear of Machulas, i don’t know if that’s spelled correctly. People also think whips are cool. And lastly, Revolutions. Hope you do good.

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Do a lot of suicides and slacks. Make sure to over exaggerate them to make it look harder than it is.

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Jumping over a trapeze is very pleasing to a crowd.

Also, gyro flop.


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Mach 5

eli hops, boomerang, matrix, mach 5 (hope you knew that one) arm grinds, suicides, offstring, looping, yada yada yada ;D

If you can come up with some sweet whip combos audiences love those. That’s what gets the biggest reaction for me. But I have some killer hobie cat and it may take a while to get good at it. How long from now is the show?

Hopping tricks are great to do on stage. Kwijibo’s a good one, Black Hops also

i find that eli hops are the absoulet best to do. i performed in a talent show, and got a standing ovation during my performance for my best eli hop combo, and only a couple hoot for my hardest tech tricks. tricks that are easiest to follow are the best normally, because if your doing alot of tech, it all looks the same to non throwers.

the trick of augie fash, amtreshka or something. its cool :slight_smile: and do things like junping over the string. horizontal play is cool as well!!!

Try doing Eli hops behind your head, and a really good, long follow combo has always gotten a reaction for me.

For non yoyoers you should do stuff like body tricks side style and Eli hop stuff. You should put a little bit of technical stuff in it but be careful how much because I don’t think they can tell the difference between tec stuff. I find 5a and 4a tricks impress people to.

When I said side style I mention horizontal tricks.

I suggest suicides and body tricks.

In my experience, Eli Hops is THE go-to trick for audience excitement. When it comes to Tech, I have found that it is most impressive if you make it look easy. Look up at the crowd, laugh, smile, or even sit down on the edge of the stage and do the Tech stuff. An important note here though is that it will have to be a combo of decent length. Think of it like Guitar Hero when you hit a consecutive number of notes and get that Star Power thing. The audience will see that you are clearly on a roll and cheer you on. This is what I personally have experienced though.

Another thing to make the tech impressive is to add some swag to it after you bring the yo-yo back up. What I do after a Tech trick, is I take out my comb and comb my hair.

The key thing to note here though is that this is NOT a competition. The audience will be impressed with pretty much anything you do, even if you just let it sleep for a few seconds. Many times I have had people come up to me after a show and say that they are happy just to get a yo-yo to come back up. Trust me, anything you do, they will like. :slight_smile:

eli hops, leg wrap trap, revolutions, gyroscopic flop, boomerang

All grinds will impress non-yoyoers. ;D Also gyroscopic flop is a good stage trick.