"people pleasers"

I am going to be performing in front of a lot of people… what type of tricks do crowds like?

Eli Hops, Gyro flops, Walk the Dog, Rock the Baby, Picture tricks, Whips, Suicides.

They seem to like spirit bomb alot. Behind the back stuff genrally astounds them. Incredably fast techy stuff will amuse them for a while, but eventually they’ll get board of it because they can’t tell the differance between any of it.

neck tricks :wink:

Sadly anything where you spin it In a circle.

Why is that sad? IT is SOOO Fun

not very long and technical tricks. circuler eli hops and behind back stuff and tricks where you jump over the string ;D

Everything that involves a lot of movement and special places that normal people wouldn’t think it would be possible. A suicide is a thing where a lot of people don’t think it’s possible but when I did it, people thought I was just flipping the yoyo like a pin wheel. sigh.

Elihops, any body involved tricks and extreme speed.

When my friends were performing a few weeks ago the crowd kept shouting : WALK THE DOG!

tether is cool. also, try trapeze rolls.

throw a trapeze, lindy but miss to behind, drop of the string and your back in trapeze, repete at hyperspeed

This gets them every time:

grinds, mach 5, slacks, texas cowboy, leg wrap trap, gyroflop, high speed eli/asian hops.


Variations off of Bergy’s wrap combos are cool to do for crowds.

People really like huge body tricks and “around the world” variations haha

Eli Hops definitely make everyone happy. :smiley:


1: Well done video. Could use a little better editing and I prefer voice-over stuff, but I really like how you broke it down very well. I think some slow-mo stuff in a few areas would have helped. Maybe a top-down angle would have been nice.

2: Your continuing to set up the trick to show the next step reinforces the practice aspect. You chose to NOT just edit into the step you wanted to show. This really lets you show how the trick evolves and comes together. Lazy? Maybe that’s one way of looking at it since there’s less editing to do. Personally, I like how you keep showing the trick come together.

3: You should consider making more “how to videos” if you’re going to continue to do stuff like that. That is, unless you’re already making more, in which case I again encourage it. Forgive my newbie ignorance, but it looked clean and you had good confidence showing it, which just helps make the presentation come off good. No “attitude” at all, just showing how it’s done as clearly as possible. Also, I like how you did keep things light all the way through.

I won’t comment much about the trick itself, other than I enjoyed it. Way past what I can do right now. I have lots to practice and more to learn.

Only other comment: is your Freehand Zero red and blue? I think you switched colors somewhere during your presentation. Trivial at best, but I’m trained to notice stuff like that.

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