Flashy tricks


Okay so i have just got sponcered by an energy drink company and i have a preaty good range of tricks including some experts but not a whole lot of expert ones lolz but what i need help with is finding some tricks that are flashy you know that will really catch some ones attention some thing like when you do the matrix really fast it just looks really flashy any segestions on a simple tricks


boingyboing, any whips, eli hops, 5a, 4a, 3a, 2a


leg wrap trap ;D




Behind the back tricks and seasick


split the atom…for some odd reason

(J. Lev) #7


Grinding of any sort. Whips, lacerations, any form of slack, really. Mach 5, Gyroscopic Flop, Kwyjibo, Branding.


paul han laceration is very cool looking but simple once you learn it


learn some styles that the uninitiated would consider obscure … 3a 4a and 5a




The most flashy style is probably 3a.


Offstring, paul han whips and slacks, kwyjibo, your own, under the leg and around the arm ttricks. Practically any trick using your body is impressive to people.


i agree… but only if its very fluent



Lol Jk

But I think that if you do a mach 5 fast enough it looks pretty cool. Doing Eli hops fast helps too.


Eli hops is really cool when you do it right. :wink:


Any Combo
Gyro Flop
Plastic/Iron/Jade Whip
and finally. . .
I don’t know, whenever I yo-yo in public, SOMEONE says “Can you do Walk the Dog?” when I’m in the middle of some White Buddha or something. I just think- “Really?”