Talent Show Help

Yep…I know you guys run into threads like this a lot, but I do need some help. I know all the general stuff, speed, showy-ness, eli hops, not so much tech, etc… But I need some flashy tricks. Also, some speedy tricks. I do not have enough tricks off the top of my head that are real crowd pleasers. I am going to perform to the first 3 minutes of Spitfire, by Porter Robinson. All help is appreciated. Im no newbie to yoyoing, so give me some crazy tricks!


Just do your regular tricks, pretty much anything with a yoyo is impressive to people who don’t know what you’re doing.

What I was going to say lol

Try some 5a stuff nonyoyoers like stuff like that its not hard but very impressive

body tricks, and lots of 'em.

examples: behind the back stuff, guillotine, anything over your head or around you neck, that over the head stuff gentry does a lot, etc.

follow stuff is cool too.

You could learn one of Hiroyuki’s tricks:

That looks excellent if you do it fast.

Maybe some Asian Pops, throw in some variations in there as well.
Also, you could do revolutions. Either using the 1.5 mount or Trapeze and his brother. It’s almost impossible to mess up, and people love them.

Horizontal Neck wraps look pretty cool. I always manage to freak people out when I do them. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I can make a quick video.)

Montgomery Twist is amazing, make sure to do that. It looks cool from both the side, and from the front, so angle yourself to a 45 degree angle to the audience for maximum potential.

Make sure to do grinds. People seem to love them.

I actually just did my school’s talent show last Friday. They really liked horizontal and body involved tricks. Also, stuff like behind the back tricks. I switched from 1A to 5A half way through and they really enjoyed the 5A. Just some simple 5A worked really well. I’ve only been practicing 5A for about a month, and that is all I needed. Most of your regular tricks will work fine too, though.

That will take me 10 minutes to learn, but a month to master.