Help! Urgently need help!

I am somehow performing, and what tricks should I do to fill the 3 mins? I am using a Dark Magic. I am currently at advance level, but I can also Skin the Gerbil and Gyroscopic Flop, and I learning Takashi Boing. Suggestions?

MY idea(in order from what I will do first with the bracket means do together as combo): thumb grind, (rewind, matrix, cold fusion), (Boing or Takashi boing if I can, wormhole), (eli hops, skin the gerbil), grind, gyroscopic flop


Please make the title relevant to the topic. Thanks.

Make sure to practice your routine a lot before-hand. Just watch freestyles on youtube to get some inspiration. If this is for a talent show or something similar remember, long string tricks don’t get a crowd’s attention. Big flashy ones do. Revolutions, gyro flops, eli hops, etc. all get the crowd going. Also, do some walk the dog and rock the cradle; do some things the crowd might know. Brain twister?

Thanks for your help. I have gotten some ideas already. Thanks.

Heres somthing I have been doing…

Mix your hops in with your gerbil

Roll, double up, re-do the first roll and hop, do the second part, redo the first roll, hop, do the ending then hop and bind. If you can get it down fast it should look good

go use the search button and type in like “Talent show help” or something like that. so many people giving these great tips and hints to make performances really good. and please answer Brian’s questoin: is this performance competition against other yoyoers or just in genereal for a talent show. this really helps since you would do things a lot differently

Thanks for all your help. This is something for a Talent show. However, those watching should have a little knowledge for yoyo.

well that’s a little problem. Talent Shows require Flashy tricks that are not really complicated. Performing in front of people with knowledge requires long, complicated combos. But people with a little knowledge i’m not too sure. are the judges the one’s who know about yoyoing or is it the crowd cause you mainly want to impress the judges and then make the crowd go wild.

If you’ve been playing around your school a bit, try to figure out what tricks get people to comment or stop the most. Then use those in combos for your routine. Just a suggestion to go with all of theirs ^ :slight_smile:

Yes so what’s the flashy tricks? Any suggestions for arm tricks? I don’t know where to learn such a trick.

Give a search on something like “flashy tricks” and you’ll find plenty of topics giving help on this.

Is ‘Leg Wrap Trap’ considered flashy? I think I can add in other tricks when at the end of the trick. Maybe, Eli Hops at the back or any suggestions?

Yes. Then go around to a behind-the-back trapeze and his brother, then reverse the leg wrap trap and land in a regular trapeze. Just an idea.

“flashy tricks” are just tricks that simply look really cool. Consider Braintwister, leg wrap trap, and revolutions(there are many more i’m just listing some)