doing a yoyo performance


sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I wasn’t sure where to post it. I’m thinking about yoyoing in a talant show, but I don’t really know what to do. I’m a advanced yoyoer: matrix, revolutions etc. has anyone done something like this before?

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This question actually gets asked alot. You should do fine…

People don’t seem to like complicated and intricate tricks all that much because it pretty much all looks the same to them. Tricks like Eli Hops, Mach 5, Revolutions, Skin the Gerbil, Various whips, etc are the tricks you should do. If you want, you can throw in some complex tricks (ie ladder escape) just to show the level of complexity yoyoing is now, but stick to simple tricks, body tricks, and picture tricks. Crowds like those.


Couldn’t agree more. AND PLAY SOME REALLY COOL MUSIC!!!


I’ve done stuff like that before, and I’ve always had agood response. Big tricks will get the big cheers, eli hops seems tobe a crowd favorite. Also any body wrap tricks will work well. Slack tricks are also cool, but dont overuse them. Doing a Yuuki Slack and Revolutions is about all you should need, but trapeze and hisbrother slacks work too. Stuff like Double Lacerations and Hook get good reactions. Use an upbeat song which alot of people will know, I dont reccomend stuff like dubstepif you are doing a performance, unless its at a school. I’ve been told by non-yoyoers to use songs like Ice Ice Baby and Allstar, but most things will work. make sure to smile and appear confident.

Im going to be auditioning for a cancer telethon. Its broadcast on a local tv station, and they have acts perform to get people to watch for longer and donate more.

You should have a great time at the talent show, but there is one more thing I reccommend. Dont throw in front of the audience while you are waiting for your turn. Instead, go somewhere private to warm-up. Start off with a cool trick, something like Mach-5, and they will be hooked! ;D


thanks. what station are you going to be on?


its a local channel, KTTC, but its our NBC channel. I hope the auditions go well! When is your talent contest?


Dont do too complicated tricks and keep it simple but do tricks that you would thinklook super cool


Two weeks, I think.


Also don’t do intricate Yoyo tricks people won’t be able to see them at a distance and do simple ones like rock a baby and eiffel tower to get them interested I also find grinds get them really fascinated as well because it’s kinda like walk the dog plus music wise remember it’s a school no cussing or inappropriate language in music


I have been in a talent show. I was really nervous. I didn’t have a plan, I just went up on stage and did tricks. I wasn’t very good, I only knew a few advanced tricks, since I was only 2 months into unresponsive yoyoing, and I took 1 month off to learn offstring basics, so I only practice 1A a little bit. So just go up there and have fun. I am sure you will do fine. I got 3rd place, from about 1 and a half months of practice.


I’ve actually done this several times and you know, just have fun with it! Just go up there and have fun, and make sure you go along with the music. Having a performance that is complemented by the music makes it so much better even if you don’t have a strict routine. Impressive tricks work wonders no matter how simple they look to us! Also, make sure you don’t do tricks that look similar even remotely similar because people don’t understand yoyoing and “it all looks the same to me” is something you may hear. But really, you’ll do just fine, I did a talent show with the same or less skill than you and everyone loved it because I tried to do it with the music and do tricks that were impressive and different. So go and do it, performing is a blast!


Sweet you will have a good time. One more thing, the judge reccommended that I change the song (which was 4 min long) part way through and/or change yoyos, and when I told him of different styles he said even better! He said that you might lose a few people if you yoyo without change for a long time.


I definitely recommend to not yoyo for more than 3 minutes, unless you specialize in crowd-pleasing tricks and are like at Augie Fash status. The crowd will usually get bored after 2:30, so try to keep it below that. If you really like the song, find a way to edit it to around that time while still making it sound good.

I did my first talent show after 3 years of yoyoing. Prepared the heck out of it, the week before the show I practiced my routine over 2 hours each day. To anyone who is going into a talent show, I recommend at least a year of tricks, or at least know all of the flashy tricks. If you wait until you are really good, you will blow the audience away. Practice as much as you can. Make your tricks smooth. My talent show had no places, but if it did, lots of people told me I would have won. Was totally worth the preparation.


GL with the talent show I just did one too and the crowd seems to love the simple tricks like mach 5. I would suggest not too many difficult tricks because people have said that the hard ones look the same to them. Stick to interesting tricks that don’t necessarily have to be difficult. Dont forget to have fun ;)! I hope this helped!



Not necessarily the difficult tricks. Keep variety into your performance. Do tricks that the audience would perceive as difficult, and if you are doing difficult tricks, just make sure that they appeal to non-yoyoers.