Impressive Tricks?


So I’m looking for some tricks that don’t too much time too learn but look really cool to anyone not familiar with yoyo’s they can be hard to do but I would prefer for them too not take too long to learn.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

These are all pretty easy, and really cool tricks. They look daunting, but there actually really easy.

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I like red clover for this.

Black Hops, Leg Wrap Trapeze, Boingy Boing… anything visually simple that anyone can understand. If you’re ever yoyoing for little kids, you can go even simpler. The only yoyo trick my little cousins actually like is Elevator.

I’ll toss a few more in:

  1. Brain Twister combos look great to anyone, those who don’t throw are llike “Woah spinning things!”
  2. Seasick
  3. Follow
  4. Eli Hops
  5. Behind the back stuff
  6. Large movement/slacks

The last two are general, 4 isn’t too hard to get down, and 1 is a nice easy trick. 2 and 3 are not complex, but are awkward, some people get them quickly, some people just ignore them. They are both still very visually impressive.

Boingy boing is not easy.

Once you know the motion its incredibly easy but before that its hard

Rancid Milk

Both are longer tricks and can take a little bit of time to learn, but they are really fun and are must-learn tricks.

You could also make up some speed combos using basic elements that you know. Almost anything can impress non-yoyoers.