Crowd Pleasers

Hey guys. In about a month, I’m going to be the “entertainment” at a birthday party. The birthday boy is turning 2, but there are kids from 1-13. I’m Expert 2, but I can not do most of Advanced 2, Leg Wrap Trap, or Spirit Bomb. On yotricks, I can do most tricks in the String Tricks category. On rethinkyoyo, I’m lv. 3. (Yes, I am working on Spirit Bomb, I just can’t land it every time. ;)) I’m looking for some tricks that I can impress non-yoyo people with. thx. :smiley:

Think talent contest:

Picture tricks work well.

Walk the dog, creeper.

Stop and go, because you actually stop the yoyo.

Eli Hops is a big one. Boing-e-boing and variants.

You don’t want too many burners, but you can do some here and there.

Mach 5 is well received. Asian Pops is busy looking and impressive. GT’s are fun and usually pretty simple.

Think more simpler tricks. Kwijibo is still valid, as well as cold fusion. Spirit Bomb would also be good because it’s not dragged out.

After that, grinds, binds, whips and slacks help.

Bring some responsive yoyos to get people to try to play. You can kill loads of time teaching people basics.

Pretty much any repeater, no matter how simple, probably looks pretty fancy to most people and there are some relatively easy ones. Matrix, Zipper, etc.

I personally enjoy slack/whip/suicide stuff.

a 13y old and younger will be impressed by whatever you do as long as you don’t mess up and knot everything.
Just do Boingys, Mach5,picture tricks and some eli hops.

Thanks guys! Will do.

Do flashy banger tricks.

Always start easy, then work your way up.