What tricks do you usually do in a performance. I’m an advance player, and I don’t know what to show my friends. So what do you usually do?

Eli Hops, Mach 5, Boomerang, Slack Trapeze, and Boing-E-Boing really excite my friends.

revolutions,seasick,yuuki slack,suicide ;D

eli hops, atomic bomb, braintwister, matrix, dizzy baby, zipper, pop n fresh, jade whip, lacerations, arm grinds, hidemasa hook.
Lots of combos that you can do with just these trick ;D

Yeah… because i really need help with a routine to do. I’m not sure what to pick. :-\

well crowds and contests are different. in contests you should always rip out your best and shred some strings. but in croweds boing-e-boing and revoloutions make em’ jumpy

Leg Wrap Trap. My friends always love this one, or any grind.

Any big yoyo, or string moves.

Well specifically, I need ideas for basic contest routines.

That’s an easy one:
Stick with the Simple and Looking stuff.

And whatever you do don’t do anything too techy and complicated. People enjoy braintwister more than they would enjoy Ladder Escape. They’re just looking at how cool tricks look unlike Contest Judjes in the YoYo Community who are loking for Originality, Difficulty, etc

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