Combo Share

How about this. Why don’t we put down our favorite combos.
For me as I learn, I judge myself on how well I can string combos together. I tend to push myself very hard to do some of this. It does help though. You can’t start off throwing tricks like John Ando or Andre Boulay. So, you string together what you’ve got.

One request…only put combos YOU CAN do. One’s YOU HAVE strung together while learning.
The idea is to help/inspire others.

Here’s my favorite. Give it a try (you will want your yo-yo very unresponsive)

Plastic Whip
Wrist Whip

***Note I do my Kwijibo like Andre teaches the individual moves. Pop up catch, cross arms, pop up catch, pop up catch. So it flows really well with the whips and a laceration.

So, let’s hear it…
Share your combos.

Here is my favorite combo.

    split the atom
    spin cycle (I made that one)
    Mach five
    worm hole

Try it and post yours. Remember keep it spinning

Okay. Now you’re gonna have to share how to do that trick so we can try the combo.

Split Bottom Mount???..and then…

It starts with a split bottom mount. After your in it instead on doing a split the atom or something like that, pop the yo-yo on the back sting connected to your throw hand. Its a part you would find in seasick, You should have 2 strings going to the front of the yo and one in back. next you take your non throw hand index finger under the yo. Its kinda like the part you take your finger under the yo in split the atom. Net you just do the same thing but going back to the original position. After that you take your throw hand index finger out of the loop ending you in a brain twister mount. It ends with 3 brain twister rotations. If you don’t quite get it ill try to have a vid on youtube soon. Hope you like it and remember keep it spinning

Okay, so it’s kind of like steps 1 to 4 here…
the part called chain reaction…

You lost me here…so I’ve got 2 string coming from my throw-hand pointer, yo-yo attached to middle finger and I do what  ???

I can see it if I push my index non-throw into the 2 strings and flip then continue, but I’m not sure that’s what you’re talking about.

Erm…  This is one I filmed back in February… I still do it from time to time :slight_smile:

my combo is
Mach Five
Particle Accelirator ( I made it up)
Plastic Whip
Gyro Flop.

My combos are:

Gyro Flops
Green Triangles
My own yoyo tricks

first 3 parts of rewind
the matrix
into a wrist mount

how do you do Particle Accelerator. i mean if you want to share how. i might put a vid of me doing spin cycle some time. later and remember keep it spinning.

My Combo is:

Double on nothing
double or nothing
cold fusion
trapeze and his bro
and 2 reps of buddahs revenge
(I do it super fast XP)

Mach 5
Braintwister a few times
Atomic Bomb or Plastic Whip

new combo I put together:
throw into triple or nothing,
hop back to trapeze,
go to one and a half mount
into the first pop of and whut,
then bind back.

i do a
Houdini mount
double roll
kwijibo pop#1
pop to Trapeze
bounce of to over the wrist GT
Pop out and Bind

that the combo thats always stuck in my head try it

Pop into a wrist mount,
dismount into a 1 1/2 mount,
second pop of kwijibo,
organized, then thats what I got so far

my favourite combo is
3.cold fusion
4.???(i learned this trick from youtube).it still hasn’t got a name.
6.mcbride rollercoaster
7.adre boulay’s bind