my first yoyo combo

here is my first yoyo combo its a split the atom into a monorail.

Hm… Split The Atom to Monorail sounds good.

You just strung two tricks together, no reason in the world to bother coming up with a name for it.

Usually we don’t name combos. We’d just call it a split the atom monrail combo. Plus it’s already been done a hundred times… but still, figuring out how to combo tricks togethor without watching other people do it is a good skill. So good job!

That was good but try to combine these tricks together. Then name the new combo.

OK it seems like they can’t go together but please try to and post the video.

Double or nothing to laceration to plastic whip?

What are you ON?

Or try it yourself instead of calling on other people to do it for you

im sorry i dont think i can do that im only in late intermediate early advanced

OK I will try it but I cant make a vid but I’ll try. And I meant to say U CAN DO IT IN ANY ORDER>