[HELP] Beginner Combo


hey guys,
i’ve just started yoyoing with my YYF ONE(unresponsive bearings) a couple of days ago and i’m rlly interested in combos. it would be nice of you if u tell me a combo of beginner/advanced tricks, because i have no clue on an easy combo. namins the tricks in order would be helpful.:slight_smile:


Plastic whip - Double or Nothing - Matrix - Double or nothing - bind


thanks, easy, swift combo:)


matrix-gerbil-bucket hops-jade whip :slight_smile:


I know all of those, but I’m so confused…

Plastic whip, I usually do front-style, so I don’t see how it could go double-or nothing under normal circumstances. Then I thought, “Well, throw it sideways and see if you can figure out how it’s supposed to go to d-or-n” but… I just don’t get it! On top of that, Matrix is all about connecting double-or-nothings, essentially, so you’re not really going into another d-or-n after are you? You’re just ending in the double-or-nothing that’s considered part of The Matrix?

But mostly it’s the plastic whip to d-or-n… I can’t visualize it, and I can’t figure it out with a yoyo in my hand, either!

Any pointers appreciated, as always.


same here <.<
are we supposed to leave the whole plastic whip?


Throw a Breakaway and whip it SIDEWAY , after that put your nth pointer finger into the loop then make it into a d-o-n then a full matrix then d-o-n then bind ,its easy when you know how to do it


has this combo a name, or is there a video?


Usually combos don’t have names , but if you put a whole lots of tricks of difrence variations into one smooth throw then maybe perhaps you could name the tricks .

To answear your question : Easy Combo ^^


I think he means gunslinger- done side style, with the index finger, instead of front style with the thumb.


[quote=“Pajama Man 8398,post:10,topic:43860”]
I don’t know what that means (I’ll Google for it in a few moments!) but I’ll tell you this: staring at Plastic Whip dangling from my hand and poking my fingers this way and that, I couldn’t for the life of me see how I could change it into a Double-or-Nothing!



I could make a video for you to see if you want to


That would be GREAT! Nice and slow, as if you’re teaching an idiot. Because you are. :wink:


Here , i may have done it a little bit fast but you could see when i put my hand into the loop , i bounced it off and do a wrap around my throwhand pointer finger into a d-o-n


can’t watch the video, is private?

EDIT: now it is watchable, thanks for this:)


Yeah , sorry about that . Is okay to watch now


Thanks for the video! I’ll let you know how it goes. :slight_smile:


I appear to have jacked this thread. :wink:

I understand the theory now-- it’s not plastic whip, insert a finger to make it into a D-or-N, it’s plastic whip, trapeze for half a moment, and then do the hop over the finger (like Matrix itsef) to get into the first D-or-N.

The problem I’m facing is that when I do the “separate then hop”, the yoyo is spinning in reverse to what is normally expected in a D-or-N. Am I missing one little trick or step? I throw the whip, put NTH finger into loop and separate (if I don’t do anything else, it looks like a trapeze, but with the yoyo spinning in reverse). I then continue as normal, hopping over the throw-hand finger and back around for Double-or-Nothing; however, the yoyo is still in reverse.

Do you just have to be careful and fast, executing the whole thing with a reverse-spinning yoyo?


it spin in the right way not reverse my hand is left handed so you see the yoyo is spinning in reverse correct ?

The yoyo is spinning the way i throw it :slight_smile:


We’re doing something subtly different from one-another, and I can’t figure out what. No matter how I cut it, I can’t get into the combo without the yoyo spinning in reverse. I’ll try again tomorrow. :wink: