Yoyo tricks


Maybe someone knows good tricks like triangulation or meltdown on 1a?

Yoyoexpert tricks I’ve done. So I need some cool advanced tricks maybe someones know some tricks and yaa I’ve done yoyoskills too( well I dont wanna learn yoyoskills tricks).

I really need some cool your created combos or sth. I just wanna learn good easy advanced combos or sth.

First, please don’t bump it up on the same day, just modify your post please. And here’s something I find fun. Start with a Trapeze, do a Trapeze to Double or Noting slack. Curl your non throwhand index finger in which has the Trapeze loop. When you do that it should have the the loop going around your two index fingers. And then pop it out the front after you did that, and into a triangle thing, and pop the yoyo in front of that triangle on the bottom string into a GT. I hope I explained that well, it’s also a really fun and addicting trick. :wink:

You can also make up your own tricks.

Check http://www.highspeedyoyo.com/
Their list of videos has many tricks, some of which you may not have seen. These tricks only have video, but there are edits instructions on many of them at http://www.onedropyoyos.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=10

Maybe you’ll find something interesting.

rethinkyoyo.com is awesome, also check youtube. yoyoexpert’s channel has some other stuff, and the organizer is also helpful.

Xela !!! = Cool ;D http://www.youtube.com/user/xelala#p/u

Youtube: Xelala (xela), yoyoexpert Tutorials, theorganizer (theorganizerteaches), just look

other websights: Rethinkyoyo.com, highspeedyoyo.com

also check out string burn live (may it rest in peace) because in every one of the 57 episodes there is a tutorial for a trick. also mike montgomery has a “learn to throw show.” there are some tutorials on that.