new tricks?????

yo im tryin to learn some koo tricks… ive got th ones down from the andre bouley videos on youtube but if anyone knows any cool combo trick videos, please post it pleeeeeeeeease :smiley:

start with a double or nothing but what would be the last time it wraps around your finger make it go around twice, then dismount to your left once, now (I’m assuming your a righty) pinch all the stings that are left on your left hand, the one string left on your right hand let go of it (pinching the strings on your left hand the hole time) and the Lupe will swing down into the gap of yoyo making an awesome slack!

hope it helps :wink:


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THanks man il try it out and see if i can get it, thanks!!!

Soo many. If you havn’t already try double kwijibo. Also go to and check a few tricks like candy rain. If your still stumped go to the yoyoexoerttutorials channel on