Order to learn tricks

whats a good order to learn the tricks on this website? I am interested in the mounts for the more advanced/master tricks, which will be learned in the future.

any, I learned gyro flop after sleeper…

1/2 mount is very helpful and also you should start learning some whips, plastic whip was one of the first advanced tricks I learned

Learn wrist whip before plastic whip. It may seem more challenging but if you learn plastic whip first it will be hard to get the wrist whip motion. I also find wrist whip to be cooler and more useful.

Are these all on this website?


green triangles are really important to my style.

goto www.rethinkyoyo.com to learn the GT mount.

also Ninja Vanish, Slack Triangle.

1.5 mount is really good to get down for most tricks

learn Zipper and learn Matrix, those really help with string control