What order should new players learn tricks?


I haven’t seen this anywhere, so I thought it would be a good discussion. I’m coming back after a break over the winter, and I’d like to knuckle down and start learning at a more rapid rate - but I want to do it right so…

What would be the most efficient order in which to learn tricks? I’m looking for a concise and definitive list.

For example - I don’t know very many, like barely any since I just haven’t put enough time in… but I’d think it would start like this:

Basic throw / sleeper without vibe - front
Same - to the side

So - what do you think? Help me learn!


Personally I like to just learn whatever interests me, however if you want a list I would suggest that you go to the learn section of the site and follow the list. Slusny (http://slusny.net/tutorials.html) is another good place to go for a list of tricks to learn.


Following a list too strictly would take some of the fun out of throwing. Just watch videos and learn what you like…


I agree with Mofoya.


Well first learn all your basic mounts and learn stuff that contain the fundamentals movements such as Skin the Gerbil. Once you get a good base of the basics just branch out and have fun with it.


Let me just add… I’m an Engineer. My brain just doesn’t work without structure - hence my question. :wink:

Fun? bah humbug… I’m doing this because I like to torture myself… LOL!

Seriously though - Being a musician all my life, I’m just applying the same principles… Practice includes both repetition and “un-fun” bits to force muscle memory and the fun bits where you play and experiment…


there are certain basics you should learn but that’s all.


I am also both an engineer and a musician! I was, at first, sticking strictly to the trick tutorials on this site and moving through them in an orderly way. I found though, that if I got stuck on a hard trick I got stuck completely! I would keep practicing old tricks and combining old tricks and never get to anything new.

I agree that you should get to at least most of advanced 1/2 pretty much in order to get a solid foundation. At that point I’m sure you’ll have some that you get stuck on, so just move on to something else. I guarantee that when you go back some time later the hard ones will be easier.


Oh, I started with Rancid Milk. Its a quick easy learn ;D!


Also there’s no reason to learn tricks that you don’t enjoy, that don’t look cool, that are not fun, so feel free to just look around and do what you think looks cool.


Best bet is to work on the mounts. Work on a specific trick or two so you don’t get frustrated or bored.

For instance, I just started and I’m trying to get my 1.5 mount to look less like a train wreck. Once in awhile, I’ll complete a buddha’s revenge or Mcbride roller coaster to make practice fun.


feast your eyes on the glory that is KWOS


the “advanced” list isnt in any difficulty order but its a good selection to pick and choose from for beginner