How to Spend Yoyo Practice Time


Hi Everyone.
I just was thinking how should i spend my time on tricks. Im an intermediate player so im learning all the mounts now. I wad just wondering how should i spend my time. I have been looping practicing mounts using responsive and unresponsive yoyos.
My real question is do you focus on 1 trick or many


I experimented when I was learning all of the mounts and have come to the conclusion that focusing on one trick at a time works better for me than trying to learn multiple tricks at the same time. Good luck:)


The side mounted tricks and mounts are used the most and in my experience are harder to repeat consecutively. Like the 1.5 and double or nothing are good ones to go ahead and master.


Have a goal. Work on it. It’s that easy. Doesn’t mean you’ll make it, but t helps focus.

For me right now, I am just working on smoothing out what I know.

Other times, it will be focus on anything from 1-5 tricks. If it’s new stuff, then 1 new trick at a time. I will work on it until it’s repeatable(not necessarily smooth, but I can do it). If I get frustrated, I move to stuff I do know for a while.


When I first started I tried to blaze through as many tricks as I could until I reached the expert/master levels on the tricklist. Since then I rarely ever try to learn a trick off of a video or tutorial and to me it’s been more fun. For tricks I just do the same things to smooth out and try new stuff to create original tricks.


This is something I’ve been trying to figure out myself recently. When it comes to learning completely new tricks, I do it 1 at a time. Once I’ve learned it, it goes into a bank with 3-4 other newly-learned tricks that I’m trying to smooth out. Once I’ve got one of those banked tricks at a level I’m satisfied with, I go learn a new trick.

Been stuck with Chris Chia’s 1.5 Mount Rejection for like a week now D: finally got the loop catching the yoyo, but it’s catching the wrong half, I believe. I can’t just unwrap it for a repeater.

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It depends mostly on your learning style. I don’t do well focusing on a single thing for lengthy periods of time. I like to work on 2-3 things at a time. Other people like to master 1 thing. My advice is to try both ways. Pick one trick, grind at it until its perfect. Then then next day pick 3, learn bits of each until you get them. See which style you like better.
You should also keep in mind that you don’t need to learn all of the tricks on any given trick list, and if you get frusterated by one, leave it for a day or two and do something else, then come back to it. Sometimes you need to sleep on it for your muscle memory to kick in.


I’m on the expert section and skipped around that part, what I do right now is do normal tricks except horizontally, they’re so dun horizontally, watch out for bind knots, the other day I got a gt knot from the first bind of the day on my first throw, next thing u know I hit myself in the eye with my classic trying to do horizontal, good thing I decided not to use my scratched up, dinged up dv888