Trick progression and consistency.


How consistently do you hit a trick before moving on to learn the next one? 70% of the time? 100%?


100% learned plus 50% smoothness


Well for me I learn the trick and I know how to do it, but then I have to smooth it out so I probably have to land it smooth about 75% of the time. After that I feel that I have succeeded in mastering the trick and I move on.


I usually get to where I know all the string hits and crap, can link everything together, but still jerky and sloppy then go learn another trick immediately. As soon as I get to the choppy sloppy stage on the new trick I go back to the first one, and all of a sudden it’s twice as smooth. Spend 15-20 minutes working on it again and it’s like buttah. Wash, rinse, repeat.


Well for me, when I was in that trick learning stage, I just would learn a few at a time. You don’t have to learn any but the basic tricks. Of course, now I just make my own tricks. So I usually work on one or two or three tricks. One trick then another, go back, and edit the previous trick.


yeah but he is not asking what tricks you work on. He is asking with how much consistency do you land a trick and consider it learned before you move on to another objective.

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If I get bored or to frustrated, I’m movin on and coming back later. Often times after a quick break if I try something that was tripping me up earlier, just throw it in without hardly a thought, I nail it. When learning a new move or new trick I can get focused, so focused, that I make it more difficult than it is. I would have been on boing boing forever! However, the fore mentioned method is exactly how I nailed the boing miester!


I never said what I was working on. If you misunderstand me, I meant that you can work on a few at a time. You don’t have to get one particular trick before moving on.


I know but you were talking about how you only work on your tricks now and how you don’t have to learn any but the basic tricks. However, you did not specify an amount of consistency that you land the trick or tricks before having it put as learned.


I don’t think of it in those terms. If I’m picked a “pet” trick to learn, it just turns out that once I’ve committed the moves to memory 100%, I ALSO happen to work on the smoothness for a good long time. Because it’s a new trick to do. And now that I can do it, I like to do it. So I just keep doing it. :wink:

If another trick absolutely grabs my interest at any time, I will abandon or move on without blinking. If the trick I was learning is interesting enough, I’ll get back to it after I’ve taken a crack at the one that’s now motivating me. :wink:

More likely, though, I will have any number of tricks I’m learning, with different levels of priority on any given day. Not a true priority, mind you, but just a feeling like “Yeah, I really want to finish learning Engibma today” as the top priority, along with “…but that last pop keeps killing me, so I’mma practice Stop and Go Dat GT a bit.”

Not at all a fan of linear checklist-style learning. Feels too much like homework. But because usually at least one trick has captured my imagination the most at any given time, it’s still pretty easy for me to say “this is ‘the’ trick I’m working on today”… even if that’s not literally or strictly true…


For me once I can get all aspects down and hit it at least 50% of the time I start looking at another one, once I start on tougher one the first ones get easier. Now I find I can combo some.


5 times consecutively on three different yoyos