Is it time to take a break from learning new tricks?

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I have been back in yoyoing for about 8 months. Now I have reached a point where I can technically ‘get’ any trick I see in a matter of days, but the problem is that my consistency is very poor. It s hard to not mess up every 10 seconds when attempting a combo made of concepts I should have ‘learned’ in the past 4 months, and even if I made it I always felt it was by luck instead of confidence in my skill. To get past this bottleneck do you think it would be better if I stop rushing out new tricks every day but focus on smoothing out the concepts I already had some experience with? Or will it be just fine to leave it all to time and keep moving on? I m in no hurry and not planning to start competing until 2016, but strategic/ advice for the long run are always appreciated.

Probably the smoothing out idea is your best bet. If it is consistency in your combos that you want, avoid looking at new tricks and work on nailing certain combo lines consistently first. Perhaps make a list of Tricks you’d like to use in your routine and try to practice nailing each of those tricks 10 times each a day until they are moldable into solid combo trick strings… A Personalized Trick Ladder, if you will.

I too didn’t Yo-Yo (on a daily basis) for a longtime so you could potentially even be better than I but in the 90’s…, that and watch TV were pretty much ALL I did. This was one method I used to keep the tricks I had already learned looking half way decent.

Learning the tricks is one half of the equation, maintaining them is the other.

When I learn a trick, I try to nail it on most of my throws, I feel like that has helped smooth out a lot of tricks. Maybe try your combo, get it twice in a row, move to your next throw, get it twice, etc etc

Quality v.s. quantity dilemma! Personally, if hitting a trick surprises me, I haven’t really learned it. This is where quality takes priority over quantity. I really like to be confident that I can land tricks regularly. However, sometimes frustration and boredom entice me to try something new for a while or go back to things I’ve already mastered or that are close to being mastered, thus quantity.

In my opinion, balance is the answer. For me the balance weighs more towards the quality of my tricks but quantity still has some merit.