Practice sessions/improve skills faster

During your practice sessions, what tricks or mounts do you practice the most? In other words, how do you go about practicing and learning new elements? Do you just go out there and try to master the entire list of tricks in order, or do skip over certain tricks and practice randomly?

I’m seeking for tips on what I could do to speed up my learning process. I’ve been looking at videos and playing everyday so it’s becoming more like second nature to me. I do feel like I’m making good progress after just playing for a month or two everyday. I’m playing much faster and smooth, but my problem is that I find myself being too repetitive. I would say I’m in between advanced and expert right now since there are very few tricks I’m missing.

I’m able to mix up some elements and combine them for longer combos, but again, it’s too repetitive since I’ve only mastered certain things.

Here’s what I’ve been working hard on.
-Kamikaze (Can perform the trick some what smooth SOMETIMES, and throw in a skin the gerbil or a few flips afterwards)
-Spirit bomb (Having a hard time catching it at the end through the triangle and I’m trying to perfect this to move to Superman soon)
-Hook (I always hit the GT laceration, but I can’t hit this damn hook lol)

Repetition isn’t necessarily a bad thing in fact it can be quite beneficial. It sounds like many of the tricks and moves you have been working on have been learned but not over learned. Over learned, what’s that?
When you walk down the street you probably don’t actually give much thought to walking as a task and though we all trip on occasion, it’s not the norm. The same with yoyoing can be true. There will come a time you can perform a move/trick without focused thought and seldom get tripped up. This over learning takes repetition.

Quality and quantity of practice, time and enjoyment are important. Balance keeps you moving forward.

I had a plant that was very nice and doing well. I decided I’d like to increase it’s growth rate. More sun, more water, more fertilizer and it…wilted and is no more. Just saying more isn’t always better but sometimes it’s the right call.

In the end you need to analyze your yoyoing and be alright with slowing down at times, moving on at times, and going back and picking up things, that you passed by.

Everyone’s yoyoing journey is different and yet the same. Enjoy your journey.

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Whatever tricks I deem in need of practice.

When I first started doing 1A, the first week all I did was binds and sleepers. Now I practice different binds and trapezes every day, and just weave a few random tricks in between. My throws are much straighter and I land 90% of the time. I gotta learn a few advance binds still. I also use several different profile yoyos too to get use to how each one plays, makes me better universally. I also have a Popstar that I throw for fun, I give it credit for helping my accuracy.

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