Leaning tricks...


So I have been throwing for about 4 or 5 months now and have learned a lot of tricks and a few combos. I have also been working on a few combos of my own. However it seems like know when I go to learn a new trick I have like a block or something. Has this ever happened to anyone else?,


It happens to me constantly. I swear, it can sometimes take me 6 months to really master a new trick.

The way I get past it is to just keep on throwing, no matter what you’re working on, and break each new trick down into small, simple segments that you can repeat over and over again without pause. Take the Ladder Mount, something I really struggled to learn during the first few months of my yoyoing. The first motion is simple, so just do it 500 times. Then, add the second motion and do the whole thing again. Keep adding and adding until you have the completed trick.

I know it sounds like simple, generic, and “BS” advice, but when you pick up your yoyo with the express purpose of throwing one simple motion your mind can actually focus completely on the simple task you set it to. Once it becomes perfectly natural, you can move on.

The key is complete focus. Repetition with an absent mind won’t have nearly as much impact as repetition with a focused mind. All you’ve got to do is get motivated and find a mindset that allows you to keep going when you feel defeated.


Yes, it happens to EVERYONE. :smiley:

You can either just motivate yourself in your head and just keep throwing past the block or take a break and do something else for a little bit.

Kendama is a good choice when taking a breather from yo-yoing.


If a certain trick just isn’t happening for you, find another trick to work on or just experiment with stuff you already know. Hop and land on the front string instead of the back and see what happens (usually a knot XD).



Its happening to me right now for the 2nd time and Im only at 6 months… Just keep throwing and you’ll get pass it, dont get discouraged.


I always see a trick and memorized it; then when I go to try to do it I either have some or all of it backward or just draw a blank!


There’s a few lines of thought.

1: Just power through it. Do other stuff but keep playing. Try it from time to time.

2: Walk away. Take a break. A couple of days or more. Whatever feels right.

3: Try something else for a bit. It’s like taking a break, but instead of just avoiding it, just do something else. Kendama, spin tops, juggling, whatever catches your interest.

4: A popular option for me is to skip it and come back later.

For now, it’s a combination of #2, as I do need breaks, and #4.


Try learning a new style.