Practice time and results

Hey everyone,

So I am a real noob… Berlin throwing for just over a week. I’ve been spending my time practicing the different throws, binds and mounts, and I am really making progress. Nearly ready to move onto learning tricks…

I just want to hear from everyone else a few things…

  1. how long is a good amount of time to practice each day? Is there too much practicing?
  2. what is best? Work on on technique in one position at a time? I mean should I only work front mount stuff and not side mount stuff?
  3. how long is a good amount of time to take to get a trick or technique right?


  1. As much as you want. Keep doing it as long as you are enjoying it. If you get frustrated or bored, definitely stop for a bit.

  2. The style doesn’t really matter. You should focus your attention on 1 or 2 tricks at a time until you build consistency. After practicing your “new” tricks for a bit, just throw and have fun. Play with your old tricks and find new and interesting variations and combinations. I suggest keeping a list of all of your tricks. This will help you remember your old stuff when your trick vocabulary grows.

  3. People learn different tricks at different rates. Take as much time as you want or need to learn a trick. If you ever get stuck on a trick, just move on. If that trick is important to you, you can always go back and learn it later. Don’t waste your time on tricks you don’t like.

I was going to respond with exactly this. This is what every beginner needs to keep in mind.

Never work to be on the same or above as the level of everyone else, just a different one.
Yoyoing is art.

  1. for me around 2 hours a day or more. is there too much practicing yes its when your throw arm gets sore.
  2. work on both get a taste of both i know when i was learning the basics i couldn’t do all of it so i skipped some and went back to it later.
  3. as long as you really need i know some tricks are harder then others so all it really needs is practice and knowing your practice and work habits.
  1. i think there can be too much practice, when you put yoyo’ing as a priority. yoyo’ing should never be a priority unless it actually helps you achieve your dreams - money, life, family, school, job. but this is an extreme view, but Hey. you never know.

  2. Work on a trick or two until you got it down and finished. otherwise you might give up midway and forget about it. happens to me sometimes.

  3. take as long as you need to get it down. remember, it takes DAYS to do a trick well. it takes a long time for the brain and your muscle to remember. about a week to get it in your brain to become almost instinct-like.
    its better to learn a trick 1 hour a day for 7 days, than 7hours in 2 days. because its all about muscle and brain memory. it takes time for your tricks to become good and smooth.

I focus on one trick at a time. When I understand the concepts, I practice it for a bit longer. Then I move on to a new trick and practice the first trick every now and then and then a few weeks later I am nailing it 95% if the time.