How often and for how long do you practice?

Now, many people ask how much i practice to learn my tricks and i say maybe 9 hours every day, but not at the same time. Thats when they notice i dont just enjoy yoyo, i obsess over it! And i was just wondering how much everyone else practices!

9 hours? Wow.

If I have time to practice I usually get an hour or two total in a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but I would say an average of about two.

Hahaha yeah well im still young and tend to get very bored!

Whenever I have free time at home which is always so maybe 4-5 hours.

2-3 hours every day

yoyoing gets my mind off of stress!!!

Hahahahaha thats true! but then again… im rarely stressed… Hahahaha

For me its pretty much any given free time at home or work or any moment i can throw it, so its most of the day. I always have at least two yoyos on me at all time. I have one sleeper and one looper so I can do either whenever.

2-4 hours. :wink:

I always have my case/one yoyo on me where ever I go, so 8 hours a day about.

around 5-6 hours

1-3 hours every day.

4-5 hours


Happy Throwing! =]

Honestly, every day, all day, all the time! (I do have a life, my foot is broken) No skating

Whenever I want to and when I have time.

About an hour.

Nearly every day. I’m not sure how long…It depends.

I do it all day sometimes-----but usually I spend a good amount of time yoyoing!!!

Pretty much all the time when i’m home, I don’t usualy take a yoyo with me when I go somewhere, so just at home. :slight_smile: (and i’m at home alot)

“I don’t practice much at all. I don’t think practice helps at yoyoing very much. Even you practice for it, it doesn’t help. It is important to go out there and try out something that you have never seen before and challenge your coordination. So much of it is about doing well under pressure and reacting to the situation of the moment. Certainly, there are tricks that you need to figure out the technique to do. I won’t tell anyone to NOT practice but I don’t believe in practicing too much for it. For me, work is the most important and staying in shape for work is my first priority.” ~ Adapted from Toshihiro Takeda. (No he doesn’t yoyo, i just changed the quote)

Okay okay, I practice at school alot, but not much at home. Too many things to do at home. I practice during recess, lunch, and at church. Not much at home, unless i’m seriously bored.