How many hours a day do you spend yoyoing

How many hours a day do you spend yoyoing?
I spend 2 practicing for contest and another 2 casual, 4 total

Probably like 10. I yoyo everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

I was like this but now that school is starting it will probs be 1-2.

About 1 or 2 hours.

About .25 hours a day total lol. Mostly when I’m cooking and a few minutes when I’m done working and wanna mess around. Not much free time these days.

Casual is the way I go about my training. Maybe a couple hours altogether a day.

Less than 15 minutes most days right now.

pretty different every day, some days its like 3-4h and some days i dont have much time and its maybe 1h all together.

really interested in how much you guys yoyo^^

Around 3-4 hours some days around 2 hours any other day.

I try to get a minimum of 5 hours of dedicated, focused practice per day working on my next contest freestyle.

Usually another 1-3 hours per day working on new tricks, experimenting with astro, that kind of thing.

About 1-2 hours on and off. Even that feels like a lot sometimes and i need to switch to a kendama or something :wink:

Its kinda hard to answer this question because I usually pick up a yoyo, play it for like 15 min. Then I put it down for like 10 then pick it up again. I’ll say 2 1/2.

Around 9.


Lately its been upwards of 4-6 hours depending on how much time I have free( unemployed still ). Usually the 1st thing I do once I wake up. Not all at once, sometimes I take a break to visualize what I am working on to try & make it smoother if I am having trouble. Its super addictive for me. :wink:

I am really just on and off all day…in total, it probably ends up being 1-3 hours. I really don’t know though…

Same here. Maybe even more sometimes.

15 to 45 minutes a day spread out in 5 minute sessions here and there. Some days not at all, and the max I ever play is about an hour. Then my joints rage.

I spend a lot of time with yoyos in my head, dissecting tricks and understanding them which is a good portion of learning. Probably an hour each day visualizing the motions of my hands/string/yoyo in my mind. Makes it much easier to land and practice tricks, in my experience.

Five minutes a day. Thirty minutes if I really feel inspired.
A month ago I threw for 4 hours straight…I got hella headaches. Hey, I was coming up with tricks for a video and late nights on a cruise ship was boring so I yoyoed 1000% than I usually do. Feels good though. So I’ll probably make a habit of shelving away at least one hour a day to work on my 2A.

Throw the flea, bind the flea… It’s knotted… I’m done for the day