How often do you train?


Title says it all


Depends what I’m doin. If I’m in a yo-yo battle then maybe an hour a day,otherwise 30 minutes or so.


Well since I have no life lol all together everyday… About 2-3 hours :smiley:


Somtimes just like 3-10 throws on the Hole day, but sometimes up too 6-7 h


30 min to an hour. some days i don’t throw at all.


Usually about 5-7 hours a day. I’m always yoyoing.


Is training yoyoing for practice in a competition or just beepbobbin around and learning new stuff? I don’t do comps but I playin with a yoyo like 5-8 hours a day.

(SR) #8

2-4 hours probably.


3-5 hrs.

(SlimJoe) #10

14-15 hours a day.

I loop in my sleep.


Sir, I’m growing tired of your senseless shenanigans & stale humor on these forums.


30min or an hour, but i spend nearly 3 hours yoyoing, just kill time…

cannot imagin how you guys train yourselves yoyoing over 2 hours…


Its what needs to be done when I wanna be the very best. Like no one over was…

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Call me senseless shenanigans humor man


Call’em that.

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At least 3 hours a day