Practice times...


How long do most practice with your throws?


Like with each yoyo, or at a time?


In general. Total practice sessions.


Each day I probly throw for about 4 hours but not at once thats throughout the day :wink:


6-10 hours


accualy now that I got my dv888 ive been practicing for about 5-6 hours

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

Whenever I get bored of whatever i’m doing at the time.

(J. Lev) #8

I don’t practice. I yoyo for fun. I generally have fun playing with yoyos for two hours a day, depends on school and such.


This, word for word.

(Mitch) #10

Thats kind of hard to say… I practice like tricks and stuff to get better but at the same time I yoyo alot for fun and these all happen during the same session… When it comes to totaly play time its probably about 6-14 hours a day…

You may say holy cow? Do you have no life?

But I yoyo almost non-stop… I do every thing while yoyoing, or viceversa… I yoyo on break at work… I talk to my friends while yoyoing, I watch TV while I yoyo, before band practice I yoyo… I yoyo after wards and during… I yoyo while walking… When I have to go shopping with my mom… I yoyo…

Its almost like a non stop thing…

Lately, I’ve been youtubing and playing the the hubstacks on my G5…


Yup, I yoyo for fun. But, at the end of the day on average, I get about 2-3 hours in.

(Saur) #12

I yo-yo pretty much non-stop, as long as I am standing and when I have to do something else I think about yo-yoing.


100% Same ;D

(Mark) #14

Whenever I have time.