Begginer tricks


I got my first yoyo yesterday (a Henrys Cobra) and I can do some basic tricks like:
Walk the dog, creeper, trapeze, double or nothing, split bottom mount and a few more basic tricks
But what should I learn next
Thanks for helping


Man on the flying trapeze and his brother mount.


Go to learn on top of the site and finish off all the intermediate tricks. Then slowly work your way up to the master tricks!


If you’ve got the Split Bottom Mount, I’d suggest learning Split The Atom. It doesn’t take many more steps, it’s easy to learn, and it looks impressive. That, or The Matrix, which is off Double Or Nothing.


The learn section is definitely the best place to go.

I recommend Dizzy Baby, Stop and Go, Mach 5, Brain Twister, and Boing-e-Boing