I'm a n00b. what should be my next trick?

I just started throwing about a month ago with my Velocity.

I can do brain twister, trapeze, and split bottom.

…just kinda figured I could turn to you guys for some advice as to what to work on next?

thanks! ;D

Come on, don’t use the word noob here. 8) Everybody here is good at one thing. I’d try for Drop in the Bucket. Very easy, cool, and fun for a beginner/intermediate player.

Agreed. You’re not a noob if you can do even those. Try to get someone else to do them: probably not going to happen. I would recommend using the videos on this site. They are very good.

cool. thanks. XD

I’m trying to expand my yoyo trick arsenal. haha

thanks! XD

are there any specific users I should look for?
(I’m actually a pretty close friend of PandaJoe… he’s the one that taught me the ones I know)

Its alright. Keep it going, and eventually, you might end up like Andre. Famous. A success. On a team. Have your own yoyos. Just keep practicing. :wink:

I would just try to learn the tricks at www.yoyoexpert.com/learn as well as other tricks you hear about.

Mabye even Youtube.com A really good one is GrawrD.com He’s awesome!

also if you want to learn slack tricks an easy when to start with is cheese nips

Pretty sure she won’t go to slack tricks this early. And I’m very proud of you for getting Split Bottom Pixie! :smiley:

Addition: I’d learn Split the Atom next if you know the Split Bottom mount.

Yup, Split the Atom can be tough to learn, but it is very fun and important.

Just go to the Learn section of this site and work your way from beginner up…Well… I guess your at intermediate now… The videos are pretty much in order of difficulty

thanks Joe! I shall work on that one then. =)

woah! I’m intermediate!? haha wow. and ok, I’ll do that. ^^

I would recommend learning Spilt the Atom. If you can do Brain Twister and Split Bottom Mount then that would be a great place to go next. I struggled with it for a couple of days, but it really pays off.

Of course the learn section is a great resource, but I wouldn’t just go in order. Watch the videos with Yo Yo in hand and give them a go, seeing what is fun for you.

I find it more enjoyable to give a new trick a couple of tries and if it’s giving me a heap of trouble to go back and find other tricks that have the same elements. Binding was a real pain when I first started but as I went through other tricks I learned the concept more thoroughly and now it’s second nature.

Yea you can watch just a whole bunch of vids at the same time and pick the ones you want. And that is precisely why I made this play list on youtube. Just push play and lay back and learn. I also have a beginner tricks play list and I will be making all the other sections too!!! later.


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