What trick to move onto?

I know the: Walk the dog, Creeper (my floor won’t let the yoyo roll but I would if it could)
Forward pass, elevator, bikini, rock the baby, Jamaican Flag, Gravity Pull, Sleeper, Pop the clutch.

What trick to move onto next?

UFO. By far the most fun classic trick other than Shoot the Moon (which is insanely hard)

UFO is great for string tension too! Awesome trick.

You could also move on to trapeze, that’s a pretty foundational trick as well

From an elevator you simply bring up your throw hand and you’ll be in a forward mount. From there you can do a brain twister.

Or learn the forward mount from a sleeper and go into the brain twister.

Next I would learn the split bottom mount which will get you into Split the atom, Mach 5 and others.

Then start working on your break away throw and learn the trapeze. That will really open up a lot of potential tricks for you.

Good luck and keep practicing. You’re well on your way and making great progress.

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Yah, the Brain Twister is a good fundamental place to start really building your Yo-Yoing up. It also for me was probably the Trick I use to do the most just Yoin around the house… Today it is Kamikaze because half the attempts or more still are misses because of Magic Drop.

If I was just starting out again, the Tricks I would be trying to really build towards would be on a a basic Front Mount Basis: Clean - Split The Atom, Mach 5 and Boingy Boing … and … Side Mount Basis: Clean - Hydrogen Bomb, Skin The Gerbil and Cold Fusion.

And that is a good Plateau in it’s self…I know it was for me. When I restarted learning how to Yo-Yo I knew the Hydrogen Bomb and the Split The Atom going into it but meshing my limited skills into modern Yo-Yoing was extraneous and took some mending. I had to get back in there and start learning, and I did and I started to see the Tricks come together and start looking really good after trying them several times. The Skin The Gerbil, Mach 5, the Boingy Boing and Cold Fusion were challenging but I eventually got them and then got them clean flowing and moved on to more Advanced Tricks…

So learn and develop the Basic Throws and get them good. The General Sleeper as described on YYE, the Forward Pass, and The Break Away. I would say *optionally working on your Binds because they are just such a fundamental part of it today but I guess if you play with a Responsive Throw that doesn’t to much matter right now.

Another important aspect of it is: What Throw am I working towards trying to use? (If you want to move on to the level I am about to talk about, you should learn the Bind from a Front Throwing General Sleeper Position and the Break Away Throwing Position as a prerequisite.) If you haven’t already thought about what kind of Throw you might want to work towards. Keep it simple for now and maybe start looking at the Speedaholics from C3, maybe a YoYoFactory Whip, or maybe if you like the Classic Theme idea…The Duncan Butterfly XT with a Large Mod-Spacer Kit. There are also good Responsive Throws like the YoYoFactory Velocity which will help you greatly transition from Responsive Yo-Yoing to Unresponsive Yo-Yoing. The Dragon Fly is also another good route for Responsive Play, which considering it was at one time a BBGT, I learned Split The Atom and Hydrogen Bomb on.

Get the Basic Mounts down. Get your Front Mount, Split Bottom Mount, the Trapeze, Double Or Nothing, One and Half Mount, Houdini Mount, and so on and so forth.

From there there is Whip Tricks, Slack Tricks, Hopping Tricks and Popping Tricks… Flipping Tricks, Roll Tricks, Flop Tricks, Pin Wheels, Multiple Colored Triangles, Jump Ropes, and Ferris Wheel Tricks, too. Grinds, Slides (Gondola/Skii-Liftings style Tricks), Binds, and Winds. Spins, Revolutions, Regenerations, Lacerations, Wraps, Splits, Twists, Stalls, Off Axis Finger Spins, and so on.

There is also 2A and Looping Tricks. Picture Tricks (Hearts, Stars, Horse Shoes…, Clovers and Blue Moons…, Pots of Golden Rainbows and Me Red Balloons?) which could be a category of it’s own. Then there is Offstring, Counter Weight, and ON and ON and ON!

Probably for now focus on getting a good Brain Twister and good Barrel Rolls down. Those are really fun Tricks, too.