TOP 10 must know 1a tricks for a beginner!!?

Title says it all…beyond the Basic mounts what are some of the tricks that I should learn as I start 1a play? I seem to be jumping all over the place as I learn new things. Any links and or suggestions are welcome. I have the yotricks app and have bben watching Miguel correa on YouTube…thank you all.

Binding, Split Bottom Mount, Trapeze, Double or Nothing. Learn these and you open the doors to learn almost every cool trick!

My first trick after learning all the mounts and binds, is The Matrix and then Eli Hops. Then I am currently trying to do Boing E Boing.

Hope this helps, cheers.

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Boingy boing was a pain in the you-know-where for me. It took me like 2 months of on and off practice to get 3 consecutive boings but it was worth it :slight_smile: Gl

The tricks in the sports ladder are there for a reason. Check’em out!  :wink:

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