Having trouble in making combos


Hey guys!! I’m an intermediate yoyo player ;D and kinda new to this. I learned tricks from Andre Bouley youtube videos. I’m at advanced yoyo part 2. And now I want to do a combo but couldn’t get anything right. whenever i try it looks kinda clumsy and stupid. Any tips or tricks to help me improve? Im using a Trigger from YYJ


I was having the same problem… I kind of had to force myself to do more than one or two combos over and over… But then I went up to this camp thing for a week, and without a computer to attempt to learn new tricks with, I had to work on my combos. I feel muck smoother now. So, stop learning new things for a week, and focus on the old.


You could try the video by Zammy that teaches you how to make a combo or trick

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #4

These may help.  I talked about how to build a combo in general terms, going over style and how to make it fluid and work well, then have been getting into starting from different mounts to give you ideas. I plan on continuing the series over the next few weeks.  What is your favourite mount, I could try that next!



Wrist Mount


What I do is I watch a video of an awesome yoyo player ( ie Riccardo Fraolini, Jensen, Chuck, or whoever you think is awesome) and then try to replicate a trick after watching it once or twice. You will most likely fail. After you get to a part where you get stuck, try to do something out of it. I hope this helped. Good luck:)