Yoyoing for 1 year


So I’ve been yoyoing for a year.im learning new trick every once in a while but I want to know how to put them in combos.i want to know how to make a trick look better as in adding other moves into the trick.i don’t want to just do the trick and bind at the end.i want to know how start of a trick in a cool move and end in cool way.when ever i see a yoyo video they like add a couple of moves into the trick,they make this one trick look really cool not just do the trick and bind it looks boring.so do you guys have any tutorials or opinions on what I should do to improve?


That is just one of those things that come with time. Just goofing around, you learn to flow tricks together and how to embellish them with extra moves and flips. Just playing around with mounts and tricks like skin the gerbil will help you look cooler when you throw.


Goof around, make your own variations, I’m also at about 1 yr and that is what I do, I also combine tricks with other elements, like doing a helicopter motion with the slack from a Houdini mount or something while rolling and dismounting the yoyo before getting into a kamikaze mount or something


I just reached a year also! I have a video up. It really just takes time playing around a lot with everything.


I’ve been yoyoing for about 2 and a half years now. And I can still consider myself as a novice! Heck I haven’t even completed the expert tricks yet. Because I have a ‘limit’ on the moves I can do, I keep doing it and eventually I find myself being able to do it cleanly with enough spin time to do another trick! And then you learn to be able to vary the solid tricks you know, mainly from influences from really cool moves I see in videos!

So yeah don’t be down on yourself! Whenever you’re bored, just pick up the yoyo and try things that look really cool.

Two very good tricks which taught me to combo moves together was the Rollercoaster(?) and the Lotus Bloom (I learnt this before I learnt to boingy-boing!)


Yeah, I agree with everyone else. Just mess around and try adding g different elements into the trick that you already know from other tricks. Practicing skin the gerbil like said above will really help you to include tumbles and pinwheels into the trick to essentially make it somewhat your own.

Just practice adding or subtracting certain elements of the trick and just see what you can come up with that feels good, smooth, and cool looking to you. Trust me, you’ll combine some really cool combos that you never thought would be able to flow together. :wink:

Keep us updated!


EDIT: I completely misunderstood what you ment. Your just trying to learn variations, not combos. My bad.

Hmm if you have a good handle on the tricks alone I would start thinking of where all those tricks start and where they end.

A lot of tricks start and end in trapeze or double or nothing for example. Try stringing together a bunch of tricks like that in one throw. One I like to do when warming up is matrix to kwijibo to McBride to shockwave. All fairly simple tricks on their own.

Once you get a feel for moving from one trick to another then start to go off in your own direction

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In the middle of the trick, stop, think about something you never did, or better, think about something you never saw anyone else do it.

Do that.