yoyo combo help

I really need help on building up my combos. I cant make lengthy combos. can you guys share your combos? can one of you put together a combo that consists of double or nothing, one and a half mount, green triangle, jade whip, and some other tricks? thanks!

Start with mounts like 1.5 mount and double or nothing.

You need to know the fundamentals first. You basic mounts, how to create green triangles, towers, and have knowledge on very basic mounts.

Once you have those down, break rules. Don’t follow the standard.
Example: Instead of a 1.5 mount with your index finger, try your thumb instead.

Small changes like that make a whole lot of difference.
Also, experiment with string pinches, slacks, and just things that may seem crazy.

Another thing that helps is to watch yoyo videos of other players.
This allows you to notice, process, and break down other players style, methods, and movements.

It will come naturally, you just need to push yourself.
Have fun :slight_smile:

If I have a way to post one, I will. Let me think…

EDIT: got a pretty simple one. just need to post it