Combo help please

I am horrible at makeing combos any help is awesome and also tell me your own

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I’m not the best either, but here are some tips.

Just try everything. Go through every gap, try pinching the string and getting slack at different spots, find new mounts, and you might just create a new trick. Also, string different tricks together and you can make one cool new combo. Try to find a trick that stops where another might start. Or just combine different elements into one new, awesome combo.

And here’s mine.

It’s just a bunch of different trick elements mixed into one with a little thing at the end that I made up. It’s a pretty easy trick.

I also have a thread dedicated to green triangles. I love green triangles and a lot of other people do too. If I’m just messing around sometimes I’ll just end up in a GT and then I have a new trick. They’re just really fun.

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You could try something like- boing-e-boing to zipper to split atom to boomerang

Hope I helped!

also i just try everything. search youtube for tricks and find a cool part of the trick, then learn it and try to either make your own continuing or just add parts of othet tricks. i can just try to explain one of mine if it helps:
go to a double or nothing, go throught the two strings on your throwhand and lan the yoyo on the front string you started. drop the front loop on non throwhand and you are in a green triangle. pop up from front and land on the front string. pop up once again and drop the loop on yout throwhand. you land into trapeze. from there you should know how to do the under whip wrist mount, but instead of landing over the string conected to your finger, you should land like a trapeze jus over your index finger of non throwhand. you swing back to a backwards trapeze over your middle finger. next step is hard to explain, but you kind of turn your throwhand into yourself and take it counter clock way under the yoyo and back to the posision you started. then you land back yo the trapeze thing. this time you take the yoyo thru the two strings on your TH and let it go over your TH index. swing it like a little trapeze on NTH index and pop the yoyo up when you drop front of both indexes. you should land the yoyo between the two strings and get it back to start posission. from there you just drop the string on your TH wrist and swing it back to trapeze and bind.if you got it thats good, if not, i’m sorry i couldn’t explain better. but hope it helped :slight_smile:

honestly, the best combos out there were figured out by just seeing how you can get the weirdest knot, and seeing how you can get out of it smoothly without the yoyoing dieing. I have made at least 10 combos like this, and they look really good.

My favorite combo is magic drop on to the front string then do a bro slack and you’ll be in a split bottom mount. After that I do a barrel roll, boing like twice, do a lindy loop, repeat, then rip cord out. I think it’s a nice looking combo.

I totally agree with Johnny. also a lot of tricks are made by accident just do a bunch of stuff you never would have thought of doing before and don’t be afraid of getting knots.