Easy cool combos

Hi, i have been trying to make up some more combos. I already have made up 2, but i have used up all the stuff i know, and cant think of anything to do. Can you guys tell me some nice combos/tricks that are easy and have a lot of stuff that I could use in the future for my own stuff?


One of my fav’s! There’s a lot of elements that are great for adding things onto. I highly suggest mastering it ;D

Thanks! FYI: just a little bit harder than this would be perfect!

Haha! Harder, he says… man… I wish that was an “easy” combo. Looks like it might be one to learn, though!

Also… unsolicited lament: I wish those High Speed tutorials ALL had the normal speed and then high speed breakdown. They seemed to have figured that out later on…

I think this thread has what you need - http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,45071.0.html
if you haven’t checked it out yet. I’m learning so much from Jake’s tutorials.

Thanks so much for posting this, but they are too hard.

Like Goldilocks, he’s looking for the combos that are “juuust right”… :wink:


I finaly figured out what i am looking for. Easy stuff that is really long and looks cool. Sort of like the trick Code3 up to the trapieze and his brother part.

this is a video i made a while back for tony alonso just to help him get new ideas / progressions from one mount … maybe this will help also i have a lot of slow mo breakdowns on my channel for many of my own combos… let me know if you see somthing that is not slowed down and ill refilm for you if youd like :slight_smile:


sick ^

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Depending on my throw…

I’ll often start in a double or nothing, roll out to a trapeze, then to a trapeze and bro, back to a double or nothing, then hop into the first part of kwijibo, do the second hop(back to double or nothing), Dr. Strange, pop out, do a stack trapeze, back to trapeze and bro to ninja vanish slack, pop out and bind.

Another one is doing Buddha’s revenge, then after the 3rd one, I’m back in the 1.5, so I swing that out into a double or nothing… add some stuff there, back to a double or nothing, then the last part of McBride’s Roller coaster, then back into double or nothing and the cold fusion. If I’m ever in a 1.5, I can always do the part of Cold Fusion after you get into the 1.5

Wrist mount to ninja vanish, pop out to trapeze, go into eli hops… not so good for me as I am still working on the hops. I usually go somewhere else. Eli hops are getting better though!

Wormhole to zipper. Most split bottom mount tricks to zipper works pretty cool.

Laceration to trapeze, then where you go is up to you. Similarly, wrist mount, end up in trapeze, go where the mood takes you.

I’m not all that good, so that’s stuff I do to keep myself amused. What’s good is you don’t have to be super far in the tricks to have the elements to make this happen. Now that I can do magic drop and shockwave, I’m trying to work that in. I also need to work on iron whip, jade whip, mondial and pop’n’fresh. Boing-e-boing and boomerang are not coming along, but they are stuff I still work on. Rewind, I can’t quite get the mechanics of it, but I’m not far from it, which means then I can work on black hops. I’m not worried about leg wrap trap right now. I have enough problems in front of my face!

I also do kwijibo from a double or nothing as a repeater, without going back into a trapeze. Kind of an extra step of challenge.

Heck if I can do this stuff, the odds are nearly anyone here can do this stuff.

Hey I’m new to this community because I just got the app :stuck_out_tongue:
And idk what to do
Is it cool if someone can show me how to do all this


Where are you as far as your skills? It takes people different amounts of time to progress so they can do stuff. I’m slow, a lot of people are fast.

If you are new, start progressing through the tutorials on the YoYoExpert site. Once you are moving along, a lot of stuff will start to make sense.

Thanks! I could not follow what you where saying, when you where talking about what you would do, But thanks for posting!

Thanks so much!! I am so totally going to learn all those! They are perfect!

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If you don’t know what I was talking about, you might have a difficult time doing combos. Almost all of these are “essential tricks and building blocks” stuff, and I’m not even done with that kind of stuff yet.

Lol, I just througaly went through the stuff you said, and I can do it all, accept for McBride’s Roller coaster and kwijibo

You’ll be fine then. McBride’s Roller Coaster builds off the 1.5, so if you want, you can get into the last part of that off Buddha’s Revenge. I can’t really do the world tour right into the 1.5 very good right now, so I just find other ways into it.

Kwijibo can be really hard. Took me a good long while to get it. Fun hopper trick and well worth the effort.