any easy long combos pls

I’ve played yoyo for about 3 months now and I know some basic mounts such as trapeze ,1.5 mount and double or nothing can I use those mounts and do any long or nice combos? Thanks alot

Try branding!

If you can get magic drop down, Kamikaze is fairly simple

For a really easy long combo, what I do to incorporate tricks I’ve already gotten down into my practice is I throw a McBride Roller coaster, and when dismounting the double or nothing, swing into a brother mount and do a rewind, then on the last flip to dismount the triple or nothing, do the side flip into a double or nothing for the matrix, then dismount that double or nothing like you would a McBride roller coaster.

Simple, and impresses people who don’t know how easy that actually is

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Yeah the McBride style Roller Coaster on THIS site or YoYoMaster, and not the one OOCH or the other sites do is a good Combo in it’s self to learn. All the Elements of that Trick are Fundamental and Basic Building Blocks to incorporate into other lengthy Combos. You can even turn the McBride Roller Coaster into a Long Combo. Other good practicer Combo Tricks are something like a Cold Fusion into a Buddha’s Revenge or a Cold Fusion into a Gerbil, you really gotta just learn a bunch of short tricks and put them together from there but make sure it flows together and looks right.

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the kinda of standard combo ive been seeing is Matrix-coldfusion - trapese and his brother(slack for show)- Buddhas revenge. flows really nicely and coming out of each trick leads into the mount for the next trick

Buddha’s Revenge can go nicely with Cold Fusion. Do 3 Buddha’s Revenges into a Cold Fusion, with the Kwijibo 2nd Hop in the Middle of the Trick.

The Matrix is an awesome Repeater style Trick, though. I usually just do it by it’s self but I can imagine quite a bit it can be used for now thinking about it. Matrix into a Gerbil, Kwijibo into a Matrix, Cold Fusion into a Matrix or vise versa yaddi-yaddah.