cool combos

i am lookin for some cool 1a combos. just please post a vid or tutorial on a yoyo combo. thanks.

OK, here’s a combo i LOVE doing, start with a cold fusion, go into one Buddha’s revenge, than go into a McBride roller coaster, and end with a skin the gerbil. Takes some practice, but is really impressive to someone who has never what yoyoing really is.

I like to combo the revoulutions with white buddha followed with doube hook followed a few tricks i invented. + theres some great combos in the split bottom mount if you look.

Kinda need to know what your skill level is.

As M2 said, split bottom mount combos are fun and really impressive if you can do it fast. Just start with easy stuff like mondial - split the atom - boingy boing w/ some over and unders - atom bomb. Get little combos like that really fast and smooth and it looks real awesome.

slack combs are fun and easy… like a reverse slack, to slack trapeze, to magic drop slack thingy, ending with manual transmission… its funnn, not hard but cool