How do I make new tricks?


For some reason tricks are really hard for me to make and I don’t know why. Is there some essential tricks to know before it becomes easy? I’ve been yoyoing for about a year and I’m not too bad I think the hardest trick I know is grandma kimmitts sandwich which is a pretty hard trick I think. I know all of the tricks on the yoyoexpert card too, so should tricks be this hard to create?


The absolute best way to make new tricks, is to make mistakes.
Hit a different string or miss that slack whip, you might find a mount that can lead into all kinds of new possibilities. Then think what movement might look cool or how can I manipulate the string into a nice picture, or think about how you could incorporate a slack or whip. A little investigating will get you far. I discovered a mount yesterday and I have 3 tricks and a 4th one coming. My first trick was a mistake that almost hit me in the face but made a cool tower in the process.
So do something wrong and you might find something right. You might get a ton of knots, but remember, tricks are, essentially, making knots and getting out of them in a cool way.

 Important factors: 1) Make sure you have a yoyo that will continue to spin if it is stagnant for a while.  2) Throw it [i]hard[/i].  3) (This is just a tip for making [i]good[/i] tricks) Trash any parts of the trick that would cause the trick to look jerky or "unsmooth."
 You don't have to start with a super complex mount.  Start with something simple, like double-or-nothing.  When you're first starting making your tricks, go ahead and steal from other players.  Take a move from one player, find someone else who is in a certain mount, and copy what he does.
 When you want to start making something original, look at [i]all[/i] your string hit possibilities.  Which is most original?  Which looks to open more opportunities?
 When you go to dismount, don't just drop everything and take out all the knots.  Try to find something that gets you out of the trick smoothly but quickly.
 Hope this helped even though it probably didn't.


sadly, there is no recipe for this. what helped me in the beggining is merging 2 (or more) tricks together…
for example, do a budha’s revenge INSIDE of a green triangle (or a moebius loop). now change the order of the moves of the budha revenge and add an extra element (chopstick?). in the end just find a way out of the gt and there you have it- this is a new trick.
allowing yourself to make mistakes is also a good advice
nowdays, I find cool segments by just fooling around and work around it

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Please watch the video on the very top of the Yoyotricks section.

This should help you out overall with trick development/trick theory.

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I made this video a while ago to explain.