now im stuck on yoyoing beacuse when i go on youtube and look up the expert village videos with andre boulay i can do most of the trick from begginer to master and i need a big list of tricks that i can write done to try to learn so i need a big list of created tricks that re on youtube or any were on the internet.

PLZ reply

Three lines and one period. Punctuation is your friend.

At this moment most people start to invent their own tricks and combos, I suggest you start doing the same.

yea haha im sorry ill add more periods.
but can anybody list some tricks for me try out.

Check this website, you can find a lot of great tricks.

other than, you can try,, and not to mention the many videos as you have stated that you can find at youtube.

then you can try new styles as well. I myself am trying some 5A right now