Am I making good progress?

I’ve been yoyoing for about 4 months now and I wanna know, am I making good progress?
Here’s what I can do:

all of the beginner and intermediate section
all of the advanced part 1 (except kwijibo)
in advanced part 2 I can’t do pop n fresh or shockwave
in expert 1 I can do everything except spirit bomb and bucket hops
in expert part 2 I can only do sea sick and double suicide
in the master section I can do yuuki slack, and whut, and white Buddha

Very good and steady learning. Though don’t freak out on how fast you are progressing. Everyone learns at a different pace and seems like you are really fast.

This may be the point where you start making up tricks but if you crave more knowledge then youtube has plenty of stuff to learn.

PS: I believe everybody is a beginner no matter how well you can land White Buddha. You still learn everyday.

in the words of my trumpet teacher: “you could learn a song in a day and play it ok, or you can learn a song in a week and play it like a pro. or you can learn it in a day and just practice it until you are good.”

and also “max, if i hear you play when i am talking again, i will shove your horn down your mouth.”

but take away that rather than doing as many tricks as you can learn, take a trick and work on it for a week. i garentee that you will do it smoother, faster, and hit the trick more often. i also bet you are not still using a responsive yoyo. start using it again. if you through it out/traded it/sold it, get another one. they help a lot.

Very good observation. I really think that half the kids on this forum who can do white buddha think theyre pros, it really gets annoying.

I agree. I’m a slow learner. (8 months-advanced 2/expert 1) But I focus on each trick for awhile and it definitely makes my yoyoing much smoother.

Newboes united… I’m like at that same time and skill level!


But you’re doing great, HoyBoy97, just make sure you take the time to master(not just learn) each trick.

Ok, i’ll try to master all my tricks and make them smoother, thanks! :slight_smile: