help me!


I’m in a rut! I’m in a position in my “life” as a yoyoer that I want to be really good. But I cant do all of the slacks and whipy stuff that looks more cool. I dont wana stop but yoyoing is getting boring. Help me get out of my rut plz!


start making your own tricks or star looking at caribou lodge tutorials.


Yoyos are boring and lame. Stop throwing and send me everything you have.

But seriously, just keep at it. I couldn’t do any sort of whip or slack just a couple of months ago, now I’ve got a lot of the basics down, brent stole, jade whip, slack wrist mount, and it’s super fun. Just need to get iron whip >.<


It ok. Your just getting to the point where the tricks are getting hard and awkward

Once you get over the hump you start learning tricks much easier and even comming up with your own tricks/combos!

Just stick with it. It only gets more fun! :smiley:

(velez_adrian) #5

Just keep the yoyo spinnin’


Honestly, this is the best advice out there, i never really take breaks, but sometimes i dont come up with new tricks, it helps to watch tuts, and talk to people.


Watch tutorials! Get some of the elements you like from there and make a new combo. Trust me…it only gets better!


Yoyoing is just like anything you decide to do, it all takes learning, practice, time, and most of all, patients. If things in life didn’t need any of this, then it really wouldn’t be life, and in a yoyoers case, fun. Like said above, things will start to get a lot easier and be a hell of a lot more fun! Just keep practicing and stick with it. :wink:


Relearn all the tricks you know on a fixed axle or responsive throw

I find that lots of fun

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Yeah I went through what you’re going through and stopped for almost a year :o

But I came back, and just start trick innovating, watching tutorials, etc.

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Best advice i could give is try different things, even if you don’t think it will end up well. Instead of hopping on the front string for a trick, hop on the back. Do things like that and it helps