Getting bored of yoyoing.

Lately, I have been getting really bored of yoyoing. It seems as if I am doing the same trick everytime and im just not improving at all. I see that all my yoyo friends (Just from Facebook) are improving all the time. And especially when I look in a mirror while Im yoyoing, It seems like im no good at all. It’s getting more complicated every day to come up with new mounts to play with. Even when I pick up a yoyo, and I say to myself, “I am going to practice until I learn something new!” I always just put it back down in like 2 minutes and play a game or something. Has this ever happened to you guys? I really want to get better, and get my yoyoing love back, but I need some advice. Can anybody relate to this? Thanks! :wink:

When you’re bored of something, doing it a different way really helps. You could try another style such as counterweight or offstring (or any of them really). Who knows you might like 5a better than 1a (or something like that).

Happens to the best of us. The best thing I can recommend is taking a break. You’ll find your way back with a fresh outlook, eventually. If not, I guess it’s just not meant to be.

The worst thing you can do is force yourself to do something you truly don’t like.

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A lot of people experience this. Generally, I suggest taking a brake for a bit, and then coming back. Everyone hits these kinks. You may also want to try yoyoing a little differently, 2a maybe? Maybe look up some trick tutorial, even if you like to make you own tricks, these can provide some inspiration.

Thanks guys. I decided that im just gonna take a break. I figure its the best thing for me to do right now. :slight_smile:

And the rest of us. :wink:

As other noted, just take a break for a bit.

try the other hand…work on your looping…there are more ways to throw a yoyo…some mad off sting stuff I’ve seen out there…and a throw monkey or a pair of good loopers is cheap…

Getting a new throw always makes me excited to throw and learn new tricks. You could also get some weird yo like a mighty flea. That’d be fun to play with :wink:

this man speaks the truth

sometimes you’ll find you’ve improved after taking a break

and yes, definitely don’t force you to play, but also don’t force you NOT to play, I know this guy, he’s just playing alone in his room, not even at meetings (barely), he always find excuses not to play, because he’s shy and whatnot, in the end, he’ll eventually quit as he barely plays at all

it’s not just for anyone, if you don’t like it, don’t force it, try something else.

Quit for a year got bored and it struggled
Came back and more addicted!
I advise trying out looping
as looping is next to 1A for my favorite!

Or just take a break , or find new concepts!?

I felt like this to but when I bought a new bearing for my yoyo all that went out the window now I yoyo all the time again and am alot better

sometimes when i get bored of 1a or im trying to make up a 1a trick and i just can’t, i usually play 5a for 10-20 minutes switch back and i have something new. It sucks sometimes i feel the same way.

When I get bored of yoyoing, I find all I really need is a vacation… Just take a week or two off, don’t even think about picking up a yoyo until the time is up, and by the time it is, you may have forgotten your mental block, or naturally move into something different