Does yoyoing ever get boring for awhile?

Do you ever get tired of yoyoing, and stop for a month or two, and then realize you cant live without it? I’m in a ‘boring stage’ right now.

EDIT: I’m out of my boring stage and back to learning new tricks

Does eating ever become unnecessary?

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Yes, when you’re dead.

there are some days i just dont get it but never a day i dont love it… its kinda like family somedays you like them some days not.

I got bored and stopped for 2-3 years, now im slowly getting back into it.
feels like its progressed a lot since ive been gone

Man, I thought I made a clever post for once. You got me this time.

No, it’s a casual pastime, not an obsession.

Buy a new yoyo if you get bored. Gives a different feel.

This I can attest to. Not saying new yoyos are what would keep me yoyoing, but it does seem to rekindle a passion when times get slow it seems. :slight_smile:

you probably just need a break don’t worry about it lots of yoyoers take breaks.

I’ve quit about 6 times in the last 3 years. I seem to come back to it though. It not usually a matter of being bored, but finding other obsessions.

I take many breaks but then im renewed and take another shot at it. Also, having close people enjoying the hobby helps too.

There are definitely days that I’m like, “Yeah, I don’t have THAT much yoyoing in me today,” but as jhb says, it can be approached as a casual passtime. I’m standing around doing not much else, have a yoyo with me, hit a few tricks.

I am also not someone who has been browbeaten into thinking you have to be constantly creating and innovating. I am perfectly happy to learn a new fun trick and just work on it for 5 or 10 minutes at a time each time I have the yoyo out throughout the day. It’s fun improving incrementally, too.

Most recently it’s Alexis JV’s Trap Exit. There’s this part where you flip the yoyo through a triangle. It’s interesting trying again and again to figure out just what’s needed to get accuracy on the “flipping through the triangle” part and make exactly the right-sized triangle for the job. When you go from, “Holy heck, I got it through the triangle without hitting my thumb!” to “OK, I’m going through the triangle, but the speed is weird… slow, then fast burst, then slow… so awkward…” to “OK, I’m going through the triangle slowly but smoothly” and projecting, “In a few weeks it will be smooth, fast, and seamless,” that’s a fun all of its own.

I think it helps to discover those tricks that pose small challenges. People who ONLY make up their own tricks have a whole different challenge, and a fun one at that. But I think that when you do your own stuff, it’s easier to fall into a rut. Mastering someone else’s trick can give you new elements, make your brain work in different ways, and give you a whole other kind of achievement to unlock. :wink:

I think it can be boring depending on one’s approach to it. If it’s all about grinding away like in some video games, delaying all the fun until some point in time when you feel like you’re good enough, then it would become boring.

Yes. It’s just a hobby that I use to occupy my free time. Sometimes I don’t have free time and sometimes I decide to occupy my free time with other hobbies. I have taken breaks from yoyos for days, weeks, months and years but always seem to find my way back.

I did for a while during the 2014 World Cup, but it’s in full swing with no slowing now.

Yoyoying is a treatment for boredom, not a cure. Find something new to interest you and don’t rely so much on your yoyo. Once the honeymoon phase is over, throwing works best as a secondary or tertiary entertainment source; filling in small gaps of your time, not large chunks.

It got boring, then I learned the basics in all the other divisions of play, that was a year ago, now its still fun switching styles.

I stopped in 2008 when I started a family, just got back into it in January, man it seems like a lot has changed. I also have a bit more disposable income now so I can afford the throws I used to just drool over.

I’d say for some people it becomes more of a lifestyle. I throw less than when I was in high school, because I now have a full schedule with working, taking a ton of credits, and doing extracurricular stuff. Thus, I only have maybe 30 mins total on a good day to dedicate to throwing. If I wasn’t so busy, I would still be doing it 4, 5, 6 hours a day.