Does yoyoing ever get boring for awhile?

Only if i can’t think of tricks.

That’s what other people’s tricks are for. :wink:

Not yet, and I’m thankful for it. Started to make my own tricks and combos, and it is SUPER fun right now for me. Hope whoever is bored find their passion in it again!

Sometimes I get bored with it when I get stuck. I like to perfect a trick before I move on, and it really bothers me if I don’t, so I get stuck sometimes, and sometimes it can be for a week or two. When I couldn’t get the rewind, I was yoyoing… Maybe 30 minutes a day because I would get so frustrated I couldn’t keep caring (that’s the two week trick)

But once I learn a trick, I feel so awesome that I get a huge surge of motivation, and there are days I can yoyo for hours on end.

Luckily for me, I haven’t gotten bored to the point of taking a vacation from it yet

If you ever start feeling bored of yoyoing, buy a 4A yoyo. Nothing boring about a big chunk of plastic flying around your house and breaking things/injuring loved ones. It’s a heck of a lot of fun. ;D

I personally find that as long as I’ve got good music on my ipod, I always enjoy throwing. If you’re just standing there listening to the sound of a whirring bearing and trying to figure out new stuff, you might burn your brain out a bit. If that’s the case, put in some headphones, put on your favourite song, imagine yourself on stage at worlds and just have a great time throwing. That’s what I do anyway. :slight_smile:

Also, switching yoyos helps. If you’ve been throwing the same thing for hours on end it can start feeling a bit overly familiar, so switching to a different feeling yoyo can give you a bit of variety.

Sometimes I’ll play with the Scout or Chief for too long, and they feel a bit weird after a while. Then I switch to my Cliff for a bit, and the Scout and Chief feel wonderfully light again!

I’m with Gambit, If you get bored throwing, try switching to a different style. Practicing 2A or 4A is a refreshing change from 1A. Or pick up a kendama for a while, that tends to be my go to when I get bored.

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SpeedCubing is another great hobby that yoyoers tend to like.

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Too much of anything will make it a little dull.

I find that this happens to me A LOT with music. I’ll stop playing for a couple months at a time (I’m actually on such a break right now). When I do get back into it I find that I am much more creative, probably as a result of clearing my head from the stuff I usually play. For awhile I didn’t think it was a good cycle, but now I think that it’s pretty healthy for my creativity.

I imagine that a great yoyoer would notice the same kind of benefits from such a break; trying out new tricks and combos instead of sticking to the same old routines.

I do actually cube. I just picked up a Stickerless Dayan Zhanchi and a Moyu Aolong v2

Well then come on over to the cubing corner good sir!!

No. Yoyoing does not get boring. That sensation is simply the cumulative effect of every other factor in your life, being juggled in your mind while you are trying to Yoyo as a diversion from your life situation.

If the act of yoyoing as a diversion does not relieve the pressure you are experiencing from personal pressures, than throwing yoyos may seem that it is boring.

Dealing with reality can at times cause a person to have trouble concentrating. If you can’t concentrate enough to learn new tricks or even do the tricks you already know, than your enthusiasm for yoyos may decrease. And you may incorrectly put the blame on yoing itself. When in fact just about any pastime you have can seem boring if your head isn’t ‘centered’ within a positive mental framework.

Trust me.

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Too much of anything can be a bad thing. Just take a break and do something else for a bit and come back to it later.