Yoyoing breaks.

Hey guys! You may not have seen me too much on the forums recently, but I have been lurking ;). Anyway, i guess one of the main reasons I wasn’t on too much was because I needed a break from yoyoing. Sometimes, I seem to hit a rut where I do the same trick over and over again, and there’s not much I can do to help it. Do any of you guys ever find that you need to take an extended break? Any tips to add variance to routines?

Well how you put it kinda when I can’t figure out a trick I decide to make up my own and perfect that one

Yeah I’ve taken them every now and then, pretty standard. c=

I take breaks sometimes too

Breaks are good.

Everything in moderation, right. :wink:

Yeah, exactly! Sometimes I just hit a wall and feel like I’m not going anywhere. After the two or so months that I’ve only been yoyoing, I’ve gained a fresh perspective.