Stop it.

I always take long breaks from yoyoing, like 4 months. But this site keeps bringing me back, it’s like a drug. I have that thought in my head that keeps insisting I visit this site after a while and then I get hooked. Then I take a break. Rinse. Repeat.



Cure for what, the yoyoing breaks or do you want to stop yoyoing all together? If you want to stop then don’t visit the site and if you want the breaks to end then visit the site more and be more active in it and yoyoing itself.

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The breaks, I can’t help them. If I don’t find new things to learn or try I stop. And if I yoyo for an hour one day and burn out, I take a break for a while and forget about it

If you visit the site more and just look harder for more things to try then you should be able to keep going at a good pace and break the habit of those breaks. I yoyo later in the day but I yoyo for at least 5 hours a day and don’t burn out…so yeah, I like it alot. You have to come on yoyoexpert alot and just keep looking for oportunities.

You need that Hensuke San

Sounds like someone needs an original concept to play around with. Try some stupid-funky elements that you’d think no one would be caught dead doing and refine them and call 'em yours.

Originality is at least 80% of the fun in yoyoing.

Get involved with all of the different sites, and dream about the next throw you want to get. You should also try and set goals for yourself.

I guess since I yoyo for fun and relaxation and enjoyment, I’ll never have that problem. Everyone is different. For me, I just wish I had more time to throw.

When I go on a break, I try to focus on something else. I foresee myself taking another break soon, and battlefield 3’s gonna have my time ;D

Just like they all said, whenever you feel like not actually yoyoing get on yye!


Ok that’s enough yelling.

Dude, you do what you want to do and your life will be complete. Don’t set standards. Just make yourself happy and you will be. Force yourself to do things and you won’t be.

This is basically how I’ve been living my life.

I love what I do to earn money, and I’m happy. I enjoy yoyoing.

Life is good. Time to take a nap. I’m tired. Went to bed at 2AM after queuing up file transfers, only to have them abort with less than an hour to go because my ISP dropped my connection. AGAIN, 4 nights in a row! Critical files for a film festival. Well, I have DVD sourced copies that I can roll with. Transfering stuff like 12GB and 18GB files sucks!