I need ideas.


Hey everyone.

Recently I’ve gotten really bored of yoyo-ing. It’s probably because I haven’t thought of anything or learned anything new, so i need ideas for new tricks and combos from you guys and hopefully regain my interest.

There have been many times in different hobbies where this has happened to me and i ultimately ended up becoming bored of. For example; skateboarding, soccer, basketball, blah blah blah. But I really do feel that yoyo-ing is one of my favourite hobbies I’ve ever come across which is why i don’t want to stop. Plus, it’s been my most expensive hobby, that’s for sure.


What I do might sound stupid, but oh well…
I go into a standard mount, like a Double or Nothing. From there, I just weave the yoyo between the strings, trying to collect as many tangles as possible. Sometimes I find a new mount or element, and sometimes I spend five minutes untying a knot. It all depends. ;D


When ever I start to get bored of yoyoing, I usually get a new yoyo. I always like to try new shapes, sizes, and companies.


Awesome idea. Usually a completely new shape or weight or all around feel can lead to tricks and elements you didn’t know you could do. I highly recommend trying this. Even if you don’t come up with something new, you have a brand new yoyo you get to figure out and learn the feel of, which should probably get you interested again.


I would totally do that, the problem is I’m an unemployed 14 year old boy, I can’t afford that option, haha.


Find a trick tutorial on youtube that you like that is within your skill level and learn it. That always works for me. It gives you something new to work on and learn.
Rethinkyoyo.com has some good ones for different skill levels too.



through these pages there are countless amounts of tutorials that are very fun and nice to learn


Simply put, just mess around with your styles. Remember that yo-yoing is for fun, and if you truly try to have fun, you will surely find your ways through simply playing the yo-yo itself.

A more direct way may be watching pro-demo’s and try to work some things off of them. For example, one of Jensen K’s videos inspired me to do this type of random elbow eli-hop thing, so yeah,


I know what it’s like to jump hobbies, before I started to yoyo it was the same here.
Definitely try different types of yo-yoing. I started 4a when I started to get bored with 1a, and am thinking about trying 5a.
Also try tricks that you don’t think you can land. Step away from your comfort zone.


Same :wink: That’s why I do a lot of trading.


The only thing that would help me make new tricks are:

Watching Yoyoists I’ve never seen before, and Practicing a style similar to theirs.
Changing my yoyo.
String length


ok haha I’ll admit I didn’t think of that. Another thing I do that inspires me is watching videos. My main inspiration videos right now are Zach’s 2012 Worlds final, Zach’s BAC final, and a few others. Watch some videos of your favorite thrower doing their thang, and see if it makes you want to pick up your yoyo and play. Maybe it inspires a whole bunch of brand new tricks and elements, maybe it just makes you want to throw again. Whatever it does, I hope it helps. :slight_smile:


The only thing I would consider trading is my discolored genesis with a couple dings/scratches. Who would want that?




Are you actually considering trading me something for it? lol, I’ll try and get some on a B/S/T thread ASAP.


I love looking through 365 yoyo tricks.


I know that feel Justin.

Lets chill soon and trade yoyos for a week or something. I want a new yoyo too, and we’re both broke so its a win-win.