I'm in a yo-yoing slump.

I’m in a yo-yoing slump, in terms that I just can’t learn any new tricks, and I don’t have the motivation to. I can’t make combos, or make my own tricks. For those who know what I’m talking about, is there a way I can break out of it?

Buy a new yo?!

Yeah, I’ve been there.

Getting another yo-yo actually did help me out of it the first time around. I was also in a slump just a little while ago, but watching one of YoYoExpertTutorial’s tutorials inspired me again. So, try watching some videos.

Thats hard,a new yo would help,but I think you should just try to stay away from anything yoyo related for like,lets say 2-5 days,then you will miss yoyoing,and love it again. :wink:

Watch throw 2008 trailer 2.

I wouldn’t get a new yo. Just try a new style or something. I was in one like a few days ago and I restarted 4A and now am back in.


Come on here! It always feel better to help out and talk about yos.

These are interesting replies. Some of these I have already tried, and they didn’t work for me. I’ll still keep trying though. I also welcome any more suggestions with open arms.

Oh. another.

Yo-yo in public. Having people watch you and compliment you helps me yo-yo more.


I’ve actually stopped doing that recently, because it was pretty discouraging. I’m a little hesitant about doing it again.

how’s about trying another skill toy? as a guitarist playing other instruments always helped to inspire me on the guitar.

Watch some freestyles, or yoyo vids that aren’t too fast.
Try to find a certain mount, move, or trick you can use to build off of, thats how I make tricks. :slight_smile:

start a yo yo club!

dude go on youtube and check out some yo yo vid , check out André’s vid, oh and check out my yoyojam play list on youtube. here it is.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVyFZOu5zgY&feature=PlayList&p=90254912E523C63C&index=0&playnext=1, also getting anew yo works great. Heck just knowing your getting a new yo yo works great. i know I’m getting a GM and Ive been getting on this site learning more every day. I did just get out of a slump like you. later.

Keep it spinning™

I skip around levels and try to learn other tricks of harder levels. I can’t do leg wrap trap but I skipped to advanced 2 and now i can do cold fusion and Dr. Strange

Think of your favorite trick to do that’s kind of hard to hit for most people, like suicides or spirit bomb or something like that. Work at it for about 10 minutes and at least when I did this I started to feel how close I was getting to landing it (spirit bomb. I did land it once too). Then take a break, check out the forums, watch some tv, whatever, for another 10 minutes. Then go back and try to learn the trick, maybe switch yoyos too. I am doing this right now and just before I got on here my middle finger was really red and purple from lost circulation because I was throwing so hard because I was so excited because I was getting sooo close to landing it. =)